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Culture Definition and Competency Framework Design

Understanding what it is that makes your people successful is what we do, and what we do best. We spend time understanding what it is that, as a business, you want to achieve. We also seek to understand your culture i.e. what you value and what is important to you. Whether it is behaviour you want to measure, or whether you are looking for a specific skill set, we specialise in defining what it is that makes your people great at what they do.

Assessment and Selection

Assessment Design and Delivery

Every business is different when it comes to recruiting new people. Some recruit using an interview. Others recruit using assessment centres. Whilst the intent is there for managers to assess and select their next shining star, best practice recruitment methodology may be missing. We can design a bespoke interview or assessment centre process that will objectively measure the talent you are looking for.

So once we have designed the best selection process for you, then what? Well, we can either train your hiring managers and give them a ‘toolkit’ to recruit for themselves, or we can facilitate the selection events as and when you need.

Off the Shelf Assessment

Beechwood also has a library of ‘off the shelf’ interview and assessment centre kits that we can deliver to suit you. Each tool measures a handful of core behaviours that we understand to be the ingredients to success. Our assessment library covers roles across multiple sectors and levels and may also be tailored to suit your needs.

Interviewer and Assessor Training

Conducting an interview or being an observer at an assessment centre is a bit like driving a car. You learn how to do it and things seem to work okay; but after a while bad habits may creep in and affect the decisions you make. So whether your hiring managers need a reminder as to best practice interviewing or assessing techniques, or if you simply want to ensure that your managers are making the right recruitment decisions, this training will undoubtedly add value to your selection process.

Performance Measurement

Development Centres

If you are going through a reorganisation or restructure, or you want to review existing talent within your business, we can spend time with your people to measure individual and team strengths and development needs. Through a combination of psychometric profiling, individual and group activities, we can work with your people to ensure that potential is identified and development needs are addressed.

Manager Toolkits

It may be that your managers need that extra bit of support when it comes to managing and measuring the performance of their team. They may need support on how to conduct an effective performance appraisal. They may need support on succession planning. We can spend time with your managers and provide them with the tools they need to get the best out of their people.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is fairly common in both recruitment and development these days, but it’s about knowing which tool is most suited to your business and the job roles or areas you wish to measure your people against. Our team are qualified users of a suite of leading instruments that assess personality, behavioural style, verbal and numerical reasoning, and several others. Having all of these performance and personality measures at our disposal, we are not biased towards any one test and can provide impartial advice as to which best suits your requirements.

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  • “Rob helped develop a refreshingly new approach to talent measurement that brought a real return on investment.”
    Simon Wright
    (HR Advisor – Whitefriars Housing)
  • “Inspirational, professional and client-focused.”
    Darran Orme
    (General Manager - Fords of Winsford)
  • “Beechwood really got to the heart of our culture and used this understanding to assess, select and develop our people in the best way possible.”
    John Silverwood (Director of Human Resources – UHSM NHS Foundation Trust)

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